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Just released in
October, 2010!

Cover Just a Passin' Thru'

Excerpt from Book

       While everyone else is out in the cotton fields working, my mother-in-law says, "If Ernest ever slaps you, don’t hit 'im back." I say, "I ain’t letting nobody hit me and get away with it." And then she begs me, almost in tears, "Please, Camilla, if he slaps you, promise me you won’t hit 'im back. He might hurt you. Ernest can’t control his temper." 

I finally promise her I won’t slap him back if he slaps me, but in my mind I’m thinking, He just better not…that’s all.

And then…

Ernest and Camilla haven’t been in New Mexico long when right after Camilla finishes cleaning the kitchen floor, and it is all spic and span, Ernest comes in for breakfast and takes a sip of coffee. But the coffee is hot, and it scorches his tongue…and he spits it out on the nice clean floor.

I holler, "Don’t spit on the clean floor!" And suddenly his blue eyes flame up, and he reaches over and slaps me.

Doyle is in my lap, so I start to put him down and slap Ernest back, but then I remember my promise to my mother-in-law…and so I don’t. But I can’t keep from crying. And my crying affects him. A look of shame comes over his face…and he falls down on his knees, crying and begging me to forgive him. And I do…reluctantly.”

 It is a month or so after this when Camilla, with Doyle and Bonnie, comes in from the cotton patch to fix lunch. I’m setting the table when Ernest comes in. And I can see he’s angry. And I suspect it has something to do with the problems he and his dad are having with the farm. I don’t recall what I do or say to him, but Ernest blue eyes again flame up…and he reaches over and slaps me again.

Again, I do nothing.

But this time little Doyle, now old enough to notice stuff going on around him, frowns up at his papa, sticks his little chest out, and says, "When I get big I’m gonna get you for doing that!" And it makes Ernest so ashamed of hisself he falls down on his knees and goes to crying and begging both of us to forgive him. And this is the very last time Ernest ever slaps me.”

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"Just a Passin' Thru'" is 214 pages
and is bound in soft-cover.
The price is $14.00 plus shipping.
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Review Comment

     Men like Ernest Parnell make the whole world better, somehow, just by being among us. What they do may not be important, or it may be very important. It doesn’t matter what they do. It is what they are that matters.
     Some books are like boxes, to put things in; but this book is more like a house, for people to live in. All the people in it have contributed to it directly, and the book belongs to them. Bobby Hinkle did the construction work, from start to finish, and he has done a good job. I am sure it would have Ernest’s blessing.
          Professor Glen Ross,
          University of Central Oklahoma 


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