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Just released in
February, 2011!

Cover of Me and Friends

This book is a collection of spiritual comments and writings posted by Bobby Hinkle and friends on Face-book in 2010. Included are some of his favorite quotations and inspira-tional writings.

Proudly claiming a bit of dogma the whole truth is like dipping a glass of water out of a flowing stream and proclaiming the glass of water the whole stream. – Bobby Hinkle

You are Spirit, not body. God is light, and we are the colors of God expressed in and through the prism of Creation. – Subodh Kumar Misra

The first basic lesson in Spirituality is Ahimsa…Not to hurt any Being in any way directly or indirectly…in thought, speech and deed. – Ramesh Chivukula

The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eyes, but found in the heart. As we heal our hearts, we unlock the treasures. – Anthony Farmer

Love is the language by which the Divine communicates with us and how we com-municate with the Divine. – Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Kingdom of God is not “coming” in time and space; the Kingdom of God is within you, realized by a childlike faith. – Bobby Hinkle

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"Me and Friends" is 179 pages
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