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The Death Tracker, a novel by The Crime Duo (AKA B.L. and Julia Hinkle) "The Death Tracker" - Two hit men work for the same organization. Both have been carefully trained to kill in a very subtle manner: all deaths must be untraceable, either accidental or chemically induced. One killer knows he’s working strictly for money. The other thinks he’s performing a work of mercy. "The Death Tracker" was published in November, 2012. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "The Death Tracker."

Reluctant Warriors, a novel by B. L. (Bob) Hinkle "Reluctant Warriors" - Hap Maquinna is the son of a politically powerful and wealthy father and a beautiful and gifted Chickasaw maiden, Chenoa. Meeting Dora, a half-breed Comanche, while in the tenth grade, Hap is smitten and refuses to ever forsake Dora, despite prodding from his father against the relationship. Graduating college and grieving over the death of his mother, Hap joins the military during World War II, not knowing Dora is carrying his child. Commissioned a lieutenant, Hap becomes a paratrooper. Bailing out over Normandy too early and away from his appointed drop, Hap is listed MIA. Staying with Mary Thompson, a friend in Lubbock, Texas, Dora finds herself facing the Child Welfare League of America, headed up by a strong-willed niece of a Senator. When discovering Dora is pregnant, unmarried, and that the father is listed MIA, she starts an investigation, even sending out spies to observe Dora’s life. Dora also faces a neighbor, a member of the CWL, who is determined to adopt the child for her son and his wife who cannot have children. Battling through France into Germany, Hap develops relationships with Private Douglas Spence, a very reluctant but efficient sniper; the very arrogant Private Carl Mason; Klein, a spirit companion; Sergeants Gunderson and Markus (two Canadians); Captain Summers, whom he hates; and Colonel Johnson, whom he loves. Despite his deep reluctance for fighting and killing people he doesn’t believe are his true enemy, Hap has an even deeper reluctance with a gift he’s had most of his life: a gift of seeing and communicating with the dead, a gift that takes a very interesting turn as he and his men push through France into Germany. "Reluctant Warrior" was published in December, 2011. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "Reluctant Warrior."

The Sabbatical, a novel by B. L. (Bob) Hinkle "The Sabbatical" - Lawrence (Sonny) Fleming, the pastor of a large Pentecostal congregation in Dallas, Texas, receives a spiritual epiphany that causes him to eventually grow disenchanted with religious doctrines, laws, and politics. After suffering a bout of religious burnout, he takes a Sabbatical in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and meets Elmo Taylor. Although Elmo subscribes to no religion, Sonny is soon captivated by the way Elmo lives…a life of active love, free of all judgment. A relationship develops between Sonny and Elmo that revolutionizes his perspective of God forever. "The Sabbatical" was published in February, 2010. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "The Sabbatical."

Rite of Passage, a novel by B. L. (Bob) Hinkle "Rite of Passage" - Having spent his entire life in selfish pursuits, Matthew, an egotistical, womanizing, philosophy professor, dies. Awakening in the spirit world, he is approached by a guide who attempts, with great difficulty, to assist him through situations that he discovers, at some point, are being created by his own selfish perceptions. "Right of Passage" is the story of Matthew's after-death struggles brought on - he finally discovers - by the unrelenting mercy of his creator taking him through the necessary steps to eventual healing. "The Rite of Passage" was published in May, 2010. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "Rite of Passage."

Me and Friends by Bobby L. Hinkle "Me and Friends" - "Me and Friends" is a collection of spiritual comments and writings posted by Bobby Hinkle and friends on Facebook in 2010. Included are some of his favorite quotations and inspirational writings. "Me and Friends" was published in February, 2011. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "Me and Friends."

Just a Passin' Thru', a book by B. L. (Bob) Hinkle "Just a Passin' Thru'" - This is the true story of Ernest Parnell and his family. Following an emotional and unusual Christian conversion in Hagerman, New Mexico, during the Great Depression, Ernest turns his attention to preaching the gospel. This book is written from interviews done in the 1980s with very little embellishing; much of the text, though edited some, is in their own words. Above all, this is the true story of how a family suffered to carry the Gospel forward during the depression, often preaching on the streets and in old abandoned buildings. Even today, Ernest Parnell’s ministry is still being carried forward through his children and grandchildren, spanning more than 70 years and covering the United States, Central America, and in the last few years, Africa. "Just a Passin' Thru'" was published in October, 2010. To read more about it and see how to order a copy, go to my webpage for "Just a Passin' Thru'."

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