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Just released in
December, 2011!

Cover of Reluctant Warriors

"Accompanying Major Masterly through a Nazi concentration camp, I see human skeletons standing and gazing at us, everything from old men to boys. Seeing this did something to me. Even more the emaciated dead bodies lined up and stacked, skeletal bodies of innocent people murdered and starved, all because of some theoretical notion of cleansing the human race. How in hell did such an idea start? Don’t make sense. Walking around the camp with Major Masterly, I was finally seeing some justification for doing what I had been so reluctant to do.

"But still, it doesn’t justify all wars; doesn’t justify those who use war as a vehicle to become rich and powerful…and kill the innocent to achieve it.  I refuse to see any justification in that.

"Despite this realization, I’d rather be home with the woman who completes me."

A mixture of romance, laughter, and bloody battles, "Reluctant Warriors" is about men who go to war with a natural reluctance to kill. But when faced with the possibility of being killed, many learn the art of war well, while others do not. The object of war is to fight, to kill, and to win…but is there ever truly a winner?


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"Reluctant Warriors" is 356 pages
and is bound in soft-cover.
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