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Hi, welcome to my website. I enjoy reading and writing narrative non-fiction. Most of my work is aimed at children, especially upper elementary schoolchildren. I have written mostly historical picture books, using stories of my own ancestors as inspiration.

I based my series of four books about "John Honey" on my great-great-great grandfather John Taylor and his wife Betty. You can learn more about these books on My Books webpage.

I love to dress up in period costume as Betty and present stories about John Honey and Betty (shown below) to students of all ages. At the university level, I use Betty to illustrate to student teachers how to make living-history presentations. You can learn more about this on my Presentations webpage. Teachers can find curriculum suggestions on my Ideas for Teachers webpage.

                                                Melissa Neely

John Honey and Betty Taylor in their 90's

You can also read some short stories I've written for adults that you might enjoy:

"A Day in the Life"


"Sam's Boss"

"The Braid":

"Ole's Step to Freedom"



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