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About My Columns

From 2007 to 2009, I wrote two columns for my hometown newspaper, The Edmond Sun, published in Edmond, Oklahoma. The Sunday column was entitled "Ask Mom" and was focused on home life. The other was about modern day and political issues; it was entitled "Musings." Below are direct links to some of my columns still available on the Edmond Sun website. At the bottom of the newspaper articles are symbols for printing or commenting on each article.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig (June 17, 2008)

Cold may be relative, but I'm relatively chilled (Dec. 9, 2008)

A happy Halloween with parental supervision is harmless (Oct. 31, 2007)

Family fun warms holiday traditions (Dec. 19, 2008)

Visit another land to see freedom's true value (July 8, 2008)

To thine own self be true (June 13, 2008)

Thinking outside the Xbox (Nov. 21, 2008)

One life to live, so choose happiness (Jan. 6, 2009)

Lessons from the contents of a coffin (Oct. 10, 2008)

If you can potty train, you can raise children (Oct. 6, 2007)

How low can you go? (Aug. 8, 2008)

Serendipity's song sends good vibes (Dec. 16, 2008)

Roads will have to wait for our money (Sept. 23, 2008)

If you've got Okie blood, you might be a preferred host (June 10, 2008)

Cracking the parental whip (July 4, 2008)

Nice notes hit the right chord (Dec. 13, 2008)

I wouldn't trade if I could (Sept. 2, 2008)

I'm glad I earned D's instead of B's but I'd rather have an A (May 24, 2008)

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