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About My Workshops
and Speaking Programs

I have been giving talks at church, presentations and workshops to adult and women's groups, and teaching children for many years. I would be pleased to come to your organization and give a talk or present a workshop. Listed below are some of the topics I am prepared to speak about. They are arranged by target group, but I'll tailor the presentation to the specific audience. I can speak on other themes, too - just ask! 

For teenage, young adult, and adult groups

Developing Characters

If someone calls you a "real character," are you pleased or insulted? If someone says that about your writing, there's no question you should be pleased. Developing character in a story is not so different than developing it in your own life. There are tricks of the trade in both!

For adult groups

Understanding and Using Symbols

Have you ever noticed that God is a poet? He uses simple symbols to teach us great and complex things throughout the scriptures. There are keys to understanding the levels of meaning in these symbols that open new vistas. For instance, light, flame, fire, burning, and oil can all be understood by a common key. Can you think what it might be?

Keeping Teens Close

When you're tempted to read up on exorcizing the beast that has taken over your sweet, friendly child, you need to know some simple things that will comfort both you and your child. Some steps you should take might go against your inclination. This is a workshop that covers the collected wisdom from many parents whose kids turned out the way they hoped they would while preserving a loving bond.

For women's groups

Live Like a Princess on a Pauper's Budget

You don't need to rinse sandwich bags or clip coupons to live well on little. There are many tricks that will make your life easier and healthier and that will also save you time and money. You'll be surprised that lots of these ideas are things our grandmothers knew, but they've been lost in the rush of our modern lifestyle. Find out what fun you've been missing!

For writer's groups

Developing Four Dimensional Characters

Even if your readers don't need to know, for each character you create, you, the writer, need to know what the character looks like, what emotions predominate his/her personality, what motivates the character, and at least one significant character flaw. Once you know all this, you can fill in the character's history to supply the "why."

Different Jokes for Different Folks or The Writing Process

Many writers are not subject to writer's block but have trouble coming up with ideas for stories or topics. This workshop focuses on creative writing prompts and experimentation to suit different situations.

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