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New from
B.L. and Julia Hinkle
"The Crime Duo"
in November, 2012!

Cover of The Death Tracker

"Late May near Missoula, Montana dark clouds covered the sky above and a chilly rain fell in light dribbles as Richard Slade brought his rented Cherokee to a slow stop. He killed the engine and set the emergency brake. Looking around at how the road twisted and turned severely downhill at this point, it had to be where Mrs. Parsonís Cadillac went over.

"He left his car, jogged across the road and peered over the cliff edge. Seeing a spinning tire through wind tossed oak leaves he returned to his car, circled down the mountain and stopped in that general area.

"As he climbed out of his car he zipped up his parka, listening to the swish and rumble of trucks and cars on Interstate 90 a quarter mile below. Not likely anyone would have reason to turn onto the Parsonís mansion road Richard felt comfortable leaving his vehicle and entering the heavily wooded area.

"Just a short distance inside the tree line he found Mrs. Parsonís wrecked and twisted Cadillac, her blood-soaked body still locked in the seatbelt, her eyes open in death and her neck obviously broken.

"Richard slid on a latex glove, reached in, and felt for a pulse! Feeling none, he then stumbled over stone and crevice to the crumbled and tilted car bottom and restored the brake connection he had compromised during the night.

"Before heading back to his car he reached in and gave Mrs. Parsonís body a gentle pat on the shoulder. 'You are at peace now, Mrs. Parson. No more suffering.'Ē

Two hit men work for the same organization. Both have been carefully trained to kill in a very subtle manner: all deaths must be untraceable, either accidental or chemically induced. One killer knows heís working strictly for money. The other thinks heís performing a work of mercy.


B.L. and Julia Hinkle - The Crime Duo
B.L. and Julia Hinkle - "The Crime Duo"


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"The Death Tracker" is 279 pages
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