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Just released in
May, 2010!

Cover of Rite of Passage

The eighth dimension is the strangest of all.

I seem to explode, bits of me flying out in every direction, each possessing independent awareness. Then the bits explode, showering out more bits, each possessing independent consciousness. Then the bits from these bits explode . . . on and on and on . . . until billions and billions and billions of fully independent, fully conscious bits of me fill the universe. I laugh, I weep, I laugh . . . back and forth. Then I hear a voice like the sound of rumbling thunder saying, "I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am! I Am!

With this comes a major epiphany that all sorrow and disappointments in life had been simply reactions growing out of time consciousness. Horizontal-time had never actually existed. I can see now. I can see that true consciousness exists beyond time and space, n the eternal "Now."




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