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New Edition!
November 2009

Cover of The Angel's Song

I love this book. It's so touching!
                              Pam George

Believable and very tender.
                            Patricia Arnold

The story is both compelling and heart-wrenching. The patterns of fear and defiance and the slow growth to recovery would be especially enlightening to social workers dealing with child abuse and neglect.
                            Larry Foreman

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A blonde, brown-eyed six year-old is hurt and hungry when she is momentarily transported to a place of peace and music filled with love. She doesn't understand what or why they sing, and she is filled with longing. But when she returns to consciousness, she has been abandoned by her mother and transported to the world of foster care. Suspecting that she's been kidnapped, she searches every face for familiarity. Her foster family tries to love and reassure her, but until they teach her to find her surest ally in prayer, she cannot learn the meaning of the Angel's Song and find peace in her turmoil. This little book will tune every reader's ear to hear the Angel's Song.


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The Angel's Song is 161 pages and bound in soft-cover.  The price is $7.99 plus shipping.

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